Food  Distribution  Point  For  the
Francis  Howell  School  District

We are currently serving as a distribution point for food for referred families in the Francis Howell School District as part of Neighbor Helping Neighbor.  There is a need for a very small number of volunteers to assist with this (preferably people from the same household to help cover shifts).  If you are interested in helping, contact Denise here.
THANK YOU for your willingness and desire to help! Everyone has been impacted by the issues related to COVID-19.  It is hard to wrap our heads around what now has become our new normal.  We will continue in conversation with our ministry partners and as we do so we will update pieces on this page as things unfold.  In the meantime, lean into the comfort that comes from the God who loves us and is always with us.

Blessings and prayers to each of you,

Denise Spalding
Director of Missions