Actively Changing the World

Helping you be the change.

Serving others is one of the ways we can demonstrate God's love for all people and play an active role in creating change in the world. There are several ways to use your unique passions, interests, and skillsets to serve others within the walls of Church of the Shepherd, in our community, and beyond. We'd love to help you join the movement!
Denise Spalding
Missions Director
There are many ways to serve within the walls of Church of the Shepherd. Our 94-Campus Pastor, Danny, would love to help you get connected. Contact Danny to get started.
We offer several ways to serve beyond our walls in the community and the world. Let our Missions Director, Denise, know you're interested in serving opportunities. Contact Denise to get started.
We are thrilled to partner with several schools in our community to provide food through operation backpack, tutors for students, and teacher appreciation events throughout the school year.

Unexpected Christmas

Worship fully.  Spend less.  Give more.  Love all.

In a season that can so easily become about us - what if it was about what God could do in and through us? What if it was about creating room for The Spirit to move in us and the relationships we form? What if it was about the generosity we show and the worship we bring to God? What if this Christmas we make room for new friends and create space for new levels of generosity? What if we think less about ourselves, and make more room for others? And above all, what it we make room for God to move boldly within each of us in this community?

If we do that, who knows... maybe this year we will truly experience what God does during the Christmas season and beyond in ways more unexpected than we could ever imagine!