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Join us and come and see what God has in-store for you and me in our series—
“What’s Next?”


You can join us live right here on Sunday mornings at 9:00am, or if you're looking for previous services, you can watch last week's message right here as well. Our full library of services can be found on our Worship On-Demand page. Check it out. Get to know us. We'd love to worship with you.

Our current series is: 
"What's Next?"

We often find ourselves waiting for what is going to happen next.  Sometimes we fixate on fear or anxiety, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sometimes we wait for the next storm, the next challenge, or the next struggle to come.

But what if we leaned into trust and we actively wait on God to reveal what comes next for us? What if we believed that God will bless us in ways we aren’t fully aware of? What if God is working to lead us closer to Jesus and to one another? What if the Spirit is leading us to understand our purpose and our direction in life more clearly?