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You can join us live right here on Sunday mornings at 9:00am, or if you're looking for previous services, you can watch last week's message right here as well. Our full library of services can be found on our Worship On-Demand page. Check it out. Get to know us. We'd love to worship with you.

Our current series is
"Love Came Down"

The Hebrew Bible is a 1700 year story of hopes, desires, harrowing victories, and tragic disappointments. It was this story that Jesus was born into. A story of enslavement  followed by miraculous escape, periods war and peace, exile and homecoming, occupation and liberation. This is where the Christmas story begins. It starts in a place that is all too familiar to many of us—it starts with a people desperately longing for Hope. 


Unexpected Christmas

Hope is something we all need more than ever.

Hope is the gift that Christ brings as we celebrate Christmas each year. But His coming happens in unexpected ways and that has been the message of our Unexpected Christmas. Sharing Christ’s love and grace, unconditionally with those who are most in need of that love and message in our community.

Imagine the look of our neighbors at Frontier Care and Rehab facility as they receive a much-needed gift, which is too difficult to afford, from a complete stranger. Imagine the family that has been struggling with how to make ends meet receiving a box or two of food; or the child who receives a gift from their incarcerated parent; or the child who is in foster care receiving an extra gift of love. Imagine the joy those gifts of grace bring to their lives.

If you're interested in participating, check out our Unexpected Christmas page where you'll find so many opportunities to be a light in someone's life this Christmas season.