We were made for connection and belonging. We also believe that you can't become the best version of yourself by yourself.  That's where groups come in. Shepherd Groups are your community of people who meet for the purpose of growing together and closer to God. 
Find a group that matches your needs today by clicking the button and exploring our catalogue! Groups meet throughout the week and in a variety of places. 

Start a Group

We want to EMPOWER you to lead a Shepherd Group!  We give you all the resources and training you will need. To start a group, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Read the Quick Start Guide;
  2. Fill out the Become A Group Leader form;
  3. Have a chat with Pastor Ben and Robin Long.

Need help finding/starting a group or looking for other discipleship opportunities?

Want to try out a group?

These group events listed below are great opportunities to try out a group without feeling like you are making a big commitment. Come and see how groups can make a difference in your life.