The early Christian writer Paul describes the church as 'the body of Christ', and he goes on to say that every person has a unique role to play in the church and that every person is important.

We believe that! We believe that you are important. You are a wonderful child of God, and you have a place to serve through the missions and ministries of Church of the Shepherd!

Mission Teams

Every week dozens of people serve all over St Charles (and St Louis) County. Places like Habitat for Humanity, FISH and Oasis food pantries, Backpack Lunch Program, School partnerships and more. We have giant programs like Unexpected Christmas, and ordinary every day teams like Made with Prayer Crafting groups. There is a place for you.

We also partner with international mission programs through the United Methodist Church and are always looking to expand our impact around the world.

Ministry Teams

We need you to serve at COS through Shepherd Kids, Worship Technology, building and grounds teams, and many more. Drop us a note of a ministry area you are interested in learning more about:

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