Robin Long, the Connections Director at Church of the Shepherd, shares how she begins each day spending time with God.

What time does your morning routine with God begin?
“I usually start at 6:00 am. I’m a morning person and this time fits with how God wired me up! I try to set my alarm to go off 30 minutes before I need to start my day, and that is reserved for ‘God time.'”

Describe your routine.
“I slowly wake up and just experience God’s presence to start the day. I thank Him for each day because it’s a gift. I invite Him to be present in my day. We all have challenges during the day- some anticipated and some not! I have an app on my phone from, and I read the daily scripture and message. I quietly reflect on it and think about how I can apply His word to my day.”

Is it ever hard to get up that early or get started? Are there other challenges?
“Yes! Sometimes my time gets interrupted. We have two dogs who love to jump on the bed and wake me up. It can be an abrupt start to my day. I usually take a break from my routine on the weekends.”

How long have you had this routine?
“About a couple years.”

How have you noticed a difference in your life/faith journey since beginning this routine?
“I’ve experienced God’s presence so much more completely. I’ve been responding to nudges to reach out and contact people that may need it. I’m able to pray with and for people more conversationally because of the scripture I’m reading. I’ve been given strength and wisdom by God. He desperately loves each person and He wants them to be aware of that. I’m passionate about sharing that with people.”

Anything else you’d like to share?
“I really encourage people to experiment with finding when their “God time” is and develop that habit. It truly makes a difference. Whether it’s the beginning of the day or the end, fill yourself up with God! I also challenge people to not turn on the morning news. There’s nothing more draining to start your day!”