The Hebrew Bible is a 1700 year story of hopes, desires, harrowing victories, and tragic disappointments. It was this story that Jesus was born into. A story of enslavement  followed by miraculous escape, periods war and peace, exile and homecoming, occupation and liberation. This is where the Christmas story begins. It starts in a place that is all too familiar to many of us—it starts with a people desperately longing for Hope.

Unexpected Christmas

God is Good!
Thank you to all of you who have already participated in Unexpected Christmas! We've seen so many beautiful stories of generosity and love for our community. Just this last Sunday, a young boy came up and offered up his two dollars to help a family that he may never even meet have a fun and joyous Christmas celebration. It's just amazing to see how God can take our gifts, big and small, and turn them into joy in the lives of those around us.

All of our physical gift tags have been claimed and those gifts are being gathered, but we still have virtual tags and opportunities where you can participate. Contact Denise or visit our website to learn more details about virtual participation options.  

We're so excited to be part of a life changing story this Christmas! 

A Service of Hope and Healing

The Christmas season, brings all kinds moments, with some being harder to navigate than others.   When you have experienced a loss or have relationship issues, it might give way to feelings of sadness or being overwhelmed.

On December 6th at 7pm, join us in-person for a special worship service of Hope and Healing.  This is a place where you can come, just as you are. It's a place to be surrounded with God's re-assurance and love during this difficult time of year. So if you find yourself struggling, know that you're not alone, and we hope this service can be salve for your heart this holiday season.

Christmas Break

Just a heads up, since Sunday the 26th is the day after Christmas, we'll be doing things a little bit differently. First, there will only be a 9:00am service that morning. Many people will still be traveling after their Christmas celebrations with family and friends, and we thought this would be a great opportunity for us all to worship together in one service.

Second, there will be no Shepherd Kids or nursery that morning. Kids are welcome to join us in the auditorium. 

Caring Meals | A Way to Provide A Loving Touch

 Caring Meals provides a loving touch when someone is coming home from the hospital, going through a difficult time, or just needs a helping hand.  As that need becomes known, our Caring Meals Team swings into action and contacts the person or family, coordinates what might be helpful.

The Caring Meals Team then plans a day and time to deliver a meal.  Some meals, like soup, are made in advance and placed in the freezer at the church and just need a delivery person to complete the process.  If you would be interested in being a part of Caring Meals, either as a cook, a delivery person or both, please reach out to Pastor Gina and she will connect you with the team or answer any questions.  It’s a great way to make a huge impact and to be a blessing to others.   
"Compassion, Caring, Sharing the LIGHT of Christ, Encouragement, Support...that is the heart of a Stephen Minister & that's why I became a Stephen Minister."
—Katie W.
"I walked through the darkest time in my life with a Stephen Minister by my side.
 So, I understood the value, that I could share with someone else.  That's why I became a Stephen Minister."

—Vickie F.  
"What I found...God was really helping me.  The training which I received helped me in all areas of my life and I found community in a team of ministers who care for & support me in my faith journey. That's why I am a Stephen Minister."
—Ann B

What about you? Come hear more about the caring team of Stephen Ministry on November 9, 2021 via Zoom from 6:30-8:00.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Ann Borgmeyer.

You're Invited!

If you find yourself moved by the music in our worship services, and are looking for a way to take that next step and become more involved, consider joining our choir, Celebration Voices. It's a great way to become more actively involved in worship at Church of the Shepherd. Learn new songs, meet new people, and use the language of music to explore God's love.

Choir rehearsals are Thursday nights from 7:00-8:15pm in the Church Lobby. Please join us if you have any interest in singing! Past experience singing in a choir is recommended but not necessary. 

Are You In?

You can make a huge difference in the lives of kids in our church community.   Are you ready to start serving in Shepherd Kids? Our children are the future of the church, so let’s join together and help them have fun diving deeper as they learn about God and God’s unconditional love for all.

We're currently looking to expand our group of volunteers that make Shepherd Kids possible. If you're interested in helping out with our Pre-K through 5th grade program, then click the link below to get started.