August 4, 2020
Last Sunday night, we met together again! It was different (like everything else is right now), but we gathered as the body of Christ and shared in a sacred meal. We smiled at each other, passed words of peace with one another, prayed together, and collectively experienced the love of God as a physically gathered church again. It was amazing to serve over 130 people this weekend, but we also know so many others from inside and outside of our church wanted to attend. With that in mind, mark your calendar for Sunday, September 6, between 5 and 7 pm for our second round of drive-thru communion.
One of the promises Jesus offers us through Communion is that all things that were previously broken are actively being put back together- and isn’t that comforting to know during this season of disorientation? And although things don’t look exactly the way they did before, we are still the gathered body of Christ, whether we’re meeting in our building, in our living rooms, or in the parking lot for drive-thru Communion! This weekend was just a small example of the creative ways we plan to gather physically until our building reopens. Make sure you keep an eye on our eNews, Pastor Jon’s eNote, and on our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the several ways we plan to celebrate and gather in the weeks and months to come.
So it’s within this season of creativity and change that we are excited to kick off a new sermon series on August 15 & 16 called RE. We’ll be talking about the ways in which God is continually rebuilding, redeeming, and restoring us by breathing new life, energy, and opportunity into the circumstances of our lives. As we dive into this series, we’ll be embracing the power found in “re” by relaunching the ways in which we engage in worship and community with our new Online Campus. One of those ways is through a live pre-service opportunity that we’re calling The Living Room. It will be a time for all of us to interact, connect, laugh, and center ourselves together before heading into a time of worship. More details will be available soon on what you can expect, so keep an eye out on all our platforms!

We can’t wait to kick off this season of RE together!