The quickest way to build community is to connect with others who have similar interests. Here’s how one Church of the Shepherd member, Cheryl, found a community of her own through her love of books.

“Anyone that knows me knows that I love to read! Over the years I’ve read many books on spirituality but felt I never had anyone to discuss them with. My friends that don’t go to church weren’t interested, and I thought that my “church friends” would think the authors were too progressive or unconventional. Well, I was wrong. A small group of women from COS agreed to form what we affectionately call our BCBC (Bread Co Book Club). We meet weekly to discuss books by a variety of authors–usually Christian authors of spiritual books, but not always. We intentionally choose books that will stretch us, that make us question and wrestle with long-held beliefs, that challenge our thinking and help us to see and live differently in the world. My participation in this group has helped me grow spiritually and led to deepening friendships. Reading books on my own is good; reading and discussing books with my Soul Sisters…priceless!”

What interests you? Get connected with others who share those same interests by contacting our Connections Director, Robin (, or our Spiritual Formation Pastor, Ben (