Small groups are a great way to form relationships and build community with others. Here’s how small groups have blessed Brett, a member of the COS family:

Why did you need community?
Today’s world can often be isolating…we get caught up in our own whirlwind of life and miss out on the richness of true friendships. Small groups to me have been a place where we share our stories and listen to the stories of others. Real stories. We support each other in challenging times and celebrate with each other in good times. We are imperfect people trying to live into our life with Jesus and with each other.

How have you found community through your small group?
We show up. We listen. We share. We encourage. We challenge. We are genuine with each other. And this is all in the context of being our best selves as Christians.

How does this community bless you?
I’m blessed just having gotten to know these wonderful people. I know through sharing in my community group that my challenges are not unique. I know these folks in my community pray for me as I do for them. I am blessed.

Are you looking to find community through small groups? Contact Ben Rush to get connected today.