DIY  Serve  Projects

Sewing Masks
There are plenty of collection points accepting donations of cloth masks.  Many medical facilities have requested additional PPE supplies; however, the supply is short everywhere.

According to the crisis strategy guidelines published by the CDC, when no facemasks are available, options include the use of homemade masks as a last resort.  These homemade masks can also be used to potentially extend the length of use of a regular mask.

There are a number of different types to make and many drop off locations.  Search the web to discover the place that is closest to you or fits your passion, but please use the retail and public drop locations and not the hospitals/medical facilities directly.

Send Letters of Encouragement
We can make use of the many hours in our homes to write notes of encouragement. This is a great activity for people of all ages. The notes/cards/letters/drawings can/should include a Scripture verse and words of hope. They don’t need to be fancy. It’s what comes from your heart that matters. Here are the people you can write to:
  • Seniors 
  • Family members/Friends who live away or that you haven’t been in touch with for a period of time.
  • As the virus spreads, many doctors and nurses will be working long hours.  Consider ways you can bless these medical professionals with acts of kindness and notes of appreciation.

Support Local Businesses
In this difficult time, we can all support local businesses by buying gift cards now to spend later and making sure that we tip service workers and delivery workers generously.
THANK YOU for your willingness and desire to help! Everyone has been impacted by the issues related to COVID-19.  It is hard to wrap our heads around what now has become our new normal.  We will continue in conversation with our ministry partners and as we do so we will update pieces on this page as things unfold.  In the meantime, lean into the comfort that comes from the God who loves us and is always with us.

Blessings and prayers to each of you,

Denise Spalding
Director of Missions