Why is it so hard to take time out of our day to spend a minute with God? For some of us, it’s that we think we’re too busy. We’re cramming for tests or running to soccer practice so we can get that scholarship. We’re staying late at the office or skipping meals with the family so we can get that big promotion. We’re digging ourselves out of piles of laundry and dirty dishes so we can appear to have it all together and be the perfect parent. We live in a busy world.

But guess what– even when we are busy, God is always at work! How can you take a moment to be part of that work? It starts with your phone.

No matter how busy we are, most of us have our phones with us at all times. The YouVersion Bible app is perfect for people on the go. There are several ways you can use it to help you fit in time with God each day.

  • Set your phone to notify you at a set time each day with the Bible verse of the day.
  • Start a devotional plan on a variety of different topics for all ages, even young kids!
  • Set your phone to remind you to complete your devotional.
  • Invite your friends to join and hold you accountable.

No matter what you have going on, find a moment in your day to connect with God. So download the YouVersion Bible app today and join us from April 27 until June 2 for our current sermon series, The Ordinary.