We were created to be filled with the love of God and to share that love with others. But what does that look like?

One example of what this looks like comes from a theologian named Gregory of Nyssa. He imagined each one of us as jars, created to hold in goodness, love, and life. The more we fill ourselves, the more we can hold. The more we can hold, the more goodness, love, and life can flow from us.

We have to be careful, though. These jars are also able to hold in other “things.”
If we fill ourselves with hurt or sin, jealousy or pride, hate or fear, we lose space for the hope, joy, love, and peace that God promises us. These will be the things we share with others, too.

We also have to avoid operating from scarcity. It’s easy to think of our jars as finite, even when we know that’s not true. Many people live like there isn’t enough love, joy, peace, or grace for everyone. We even sometimes associate this with God, and unfortunately, the church. Even if we don’t believe it our jars usually become closed off from overflowing into others when we live this way.

The good news is this: there is enough love, joy, peace, and grace for all of us! On our best days and our worst days, God loves us. He invites us to live a new life of love, humility, and peace. This invitation is not limited to a chosen few. All are invited to experience his love. YOU are a beloved child of God!

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