Dear COS Family and Friends,

In many urban settings, traffic can be a problem.  Many cities are encouraging carpooling through the creation of HOV lanes.  These lanes require the cars driving in them to have more than one passenger.   By doing this, there are several benefits for both the traveler and the community.  Less fuel is consumed, it cuts down on emissions, and the travelers get to their destination quicker.  Carpooling, traveling with others, is a win, win, win.

Carpooling is not the only thing where doing life together is a win.  In our faith journey, doing life together is always a win.  There are a lot of benefits from just being together in weekend worship to praise God, being encouraged, and realizing the power that comes from being with others.  But being with a group of other believers during the week is even more powerful.  It is here that we share personal joys and struggles.  It is here we can feel free to ask our questions about faith, life, relationships, and more.  It is here that we can share our dreams and our failures.  It is also here that we discover others who will walk alongside us and encourage us without judgement.

What being in a group does for our faith journey with Jesus is a lot like a carpool.  When you travel in a carpool, you have time to share your life with others (after all, you’ve got nowhere else to go).  You have more eyes on the road and fewer distractions merging in and out of life (at least for the moment).  You are able to stay in your lane.  Because you are together, encouraging each other, you arrive at your destination quicker.  You experience more spiritual growth and more of the abundant life you were meant for.

Who are you traveling with on your faith journey?  If you don’t have a group of friends you are sharing life with right now, see Ben or Robin this weekend at Guest Services. They will be glad to talk to you about a Community Group you can be part of.  Or, if you are wanting to grow and share even more deeply, you might consider a Covenant Group.  Or, if you are still a little hesitant about the whole group thing, maybe you would just like to get coffee with one of our Spiritual Companions and just have a simple conversation.  Ben or Robin would be happy to share a conversation with you about any of these options.

Let’s get moving together!


Ministry Celebrations & Opportunities

Imagining 2028

There are some truly amazing things happening at COS right now, and we want to share those stories of life change and the ways that God is creating new places for new people through us.  Next weekend, September 14-16, you will have an opportunity to hear from all five of your pastors how God is calling us to be the church together.  In addition, you will get to hear the amazing ways that God is placing everything together to transform lives and our community.   In a time when good news and hope seem like distant thoughts, these three nights will be times of celebration and great hope for the families and friends that live in and around COS.

Come join us for a meal, conversation, and more.  You can register for the evening you plan to attend by texting “Imagine” to (636) 255-8468 and completing the registration form, or by clicking here.  You can also sign up after worship in the lobby or by calling the church office (636-441-2434).  Child care is available all three evenings for children 3 years old and under.

September 14th @ 6:30 pm

September 15th @ 5:00 pm

September 16th at 6:00 pm


This Weekend in Worship

This weekend, Pastor Danny will be leading us as we begin our MORE worship series.  Our journey through the book of Ephesians will reveal to us the MORE that God has planned for us as we live in Jesus with one another.  God’s idea of MORE is not more to-do’s, more time, or more crammed into life.  It is not more like we have come to expect.  So if you are thinking, how could I add anything more to my life – think again. How can there be more, how can you receive more, how can you live more in what you are already experiencing with less stress, less guilt, and less ME?  There is MORE out there.  So much MORE.

Denise and I will be worshipping with you online as we share our weekend in a short family reunion in Austin with our daughters and their families.  See, there is proof that there is always MORE around the corner.

Pastor Jon