Dear Church Family and Friends,

Many of you may remember seeing cartoons of old where the character had an “angel” on one shoulder whispering into one ear and a “devil” on the other shoulder whispering into the other ear.  The idea represented that at any given moment we have a choice of listening to good or evil.  The struggle between good and evil is real and it’s constant.  Sometimes it is not just between good and evil; sometimes it is a struggle between good, better, and great.  Such is the life of a follower of Jesus.

When we are far from God, our struggle is often between good and evil.  As we decide to walk with Jesus, the evil or bad seem less appealing and easier to resist – but not always.  We still have moments of anger or moments when we want justice our way.  But more often, our struggle is between good and great.  It happens all the time.  This would be a good thing to do and might help a few people, but so would this.  Which do we choose?

Believing we are made for a purpose and our primary purpose is to lift up the name of Jesus as we make disciples gives us our first standard for which of the two goods to choose from.  If they are still equal, then we look at the way God has made us and gifted us.  Which of these two good things to choose from fits the call or purpose that God has placed on my individual life?  This kind of decision making acknowledges that we are all created to make disciples, but we are not all called to do it in the same way.  We are not all created to do all things.  This releases us from guilt, shame, and obligation, and allows us to serve, to encourage, and to live out our day with great freedom that the good we have chosen to do is the good that God has intended for us to begin with.   That brings joy.

Live in joy today.  Choose the good that God has for you to do.


Ministry Celebrations & Opportunities

Imagining 2028 – Our God is a God of endless possibilities and opportunities.  There will always be endless good things for us to choose as a church.  Some of those may be intended for our whole church and some of them may be intended for your individual ministries that we as a church can help equip you for.  It’s important to know the difference.  As we cast the vision for COS for 2028, we are not casting a vision of all that we will do together.  We are casting how we as the church community are positioning ourselves for that equipping and the places where we think we will be engaging together and individually.

In the past few weeks, I have had some great conversations following our Imagining 2028 gatherings.  They have all been positive – yeah God!  Here are a few of the questions that have come up:

What does making Pastor Danny our 94 Campus Pastor mean?

There are three primary reasons for giving our Associate Pastor’s different titles:

  • It identifies them for the areas they will be doing their primary work in. That’s an inside conversation.  Danny will be doing his primary work here at the main campus as we continue to expand beyond this one location.
  • It communicates something beyond these walls. The title Associate Pastor outside these walls does not communicate clearly what they represent or that they can speak with any authority on behalf of COS.  Having the name “Campus Pastor” communicates something totally different.
  • We are seeking to define what all of our roles are here at COS, including mine- my role as Lead Pastor. As we move into multiple locations, building additions, capital campaigns, and more, my time is going to look different.  This is our way in insuring we have pastoral care and leadership at all levels.

We hear about how we are reaching out to new people, but what about those who are already here?

Unlike many things in life, this is not either/or.  Rather it is both/and.  In order to reach new people, the people who are here will need to be discipled, cared for, loved, encouraged, and equipped.  As we start new groups for new people, we will be starting groups for people who are already here.  As we worship, we will all be worshipping together.  Our youth programs, our children’s ministries, and our mission outreach ministries will be for all of us to share in together.  This is what kingdom work is and what it looks like.  After all, we were all once that new person that someone made room at the table for.

I know there are other questions out there, and I have a couple about the new worshipping community we are launching.  So keep your questions coming and we will keep sharing in the conversation together.  You can reach me at:


This Weekend in Worship

Come Lord Jesus, Come.  That was the prayer that we celebrated last weekend together.  It continues to be my prayer this week as I pray for each one of us to experience the MORE that God has for us in life.  What is the MORE that you are longing for today?  MORE clarity?  MORE rest?  MORE energy?  MORE assurance?  MORE joy?  In Ephesians 5, we discover our next steps together.  If you are wondering how some of the pieces fit together, this will be a great week for you.  Come join us and bring a friend.

Don’t forget, it’s Bridge Bread weekend, and there will be an awesome opportunity to support a local ministry outreach.

Pastor Jon