Dear Church Family and Friends,

“What if” is a phrase that brings energy and possibility to my mind. As a person who likes to consider what might be and what could be, “What if,” is the beginning of great conversations and great prayers. When I think about it, “what if” is at the heart of my prayer life.
When I first began learning to pray, my mind had to consider the question, “What if prayer really does make a difference?” Answering that question with a resounding, “of course it does,” leads us to pray boldly, frequently, and earnestly before God. We pray looking for God to show up, expecting God to answer, and seeking to be open to what God reveals. When we believe this, not just intellectually but with our whole heart, it changes everything. It changes how we invest time in prayer and allow prayer to lead us in our daily life. Think about it. If you know something really matters and will really make a difference, you make time for it and you pay attention to it. If you aren’t making time for it, do you really believe it matters?
The second “what if” my prayer life had to deal with was, “What if God really does reveal His will for my life?” If prayer matters and God speaks to me, what will I do about it? What must I do in response to what God reveals? So many times, I have to admit, my prayers can be me telling God what I want God to do. But what if my prayers were more focused on “not my will but yours God?” That requires me to live into God’s will and not my own.
The third “What if” that my prayer life had to encounter was, “What if I/we show up with everything that we have and rely on God more than anything else? Imagine what God could do.” That’s when prayer breaks through. Prayer breaks through barriers, situations, lives, and hearts.

What if we prayed like that individually and as a church? Now that’s a God sized possibility!


Ministry Celebrations & Opportunities

Tomorrow, 100 of us will be packaging food at Feed My Starving Children, providing meals for people locally and around the world. I am looking forward to being able to serve with you in this amazing ministry that brings life to places where the light of hope is breaking through.
Flights & Faith is taking flight! We have been sharing with our neighbors and friends over the past several months at a local brewery in O’Fallon and Defiance. Sharing the gospel in breweries has a long history in Methodism. John Wesley often preached at the doors of local pubs, seeking to call persons into a transformed life. He and his brother, Charles, wrote countless hymns and set them to bar tunes (that’s what everyone knew) in order that they might hear the gospel message through song. Our COS version carries that tradition forward, seeking to engage people where they are, have conversations about things that are on their hearts and minds, and begin a faith dialogue that will open a doorway to sharing Christ with them. Over the past few months, God has blessed us with many new friends who have not had a church family and many who have no faith commitments at all. We are continuing to build relationships with them, continuing in discipleship conversations, and looking for ways for God to break through. This is indeed a glory sighting of God at work in our midst. (NOTE: This ministry was recently featured in our conference news magazine!)
Annual Charge Conference Gathering – November 3 at 3:00 PM. – We are looking forward to gathering as a church family to celebrate what God has been doing in our midst in the past year and how God is leading us into our future together. District Superintendent, Rev. Linda Harris, will be on hand to celebrate with us. In addition, we will be having some special guests come and share with us, as they have with churches all over the conference, some great insight of how to make room for all in our church. This is going to be a dynamic time. Please make plans to attend.


This Weekend in Worship

We kick off a new series this week, What If, that moves us from fear to possibility. Most of us have experienced those moments when the fear or anxiety of the situation causes us to pause, or worse, freeze up completely. But what if our “what if’s” were not focused on fears, but on the possibilities of what if God is present? How can I/we be more in tune with that possibility than our own fears? It’s going to be a great time of worship, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Pastor Jon