Dear Church Family and Friends,

We all have favorites.  Favorite shirts, favorite flavors of ice cream, favorite vacation destinations, just to name a few.  Even though they are already our favorites, it is still possible that there can be a moment when they become even more to us.  That was the case for me this week as I listened to someone unpack a passage of scripture – John 17.  John 17, Jesus’ prayer for us, all of those who believe in Him, has long been one of the most powerful impactful scriptures in my faith journey.  To hear it read and proclaimed this week encouraged me in a powerful way.  To know that Jesus was praying for us, for a time just like today when the world seems to be so overwhelming and we are wondering how to proclaim the gospel in a time when the world needs it most, well, it was amazing.

Read more in this week’s blog post, here.


Ministry Celebrations & Opportunities

Thank you to all of you who are stepping in to become backpack partners and support Operation Backpack here at COS.  If you are wanting to become more hands on, we have a need for you to serve there as well.  There are still openings on our backpack assembly teams, delivery teams, and shopping teams.  Look for our Operation Backpack leaders in the Lobby this weekend before and after worship to find how you can become part of the team.  If you can’t be here this week, contact our Missions Director, Denise Spalding ( for more information.


Changes and Updates on Our Staff Team

God has given COS an amazing vision of reaching people with the Good News of Jesus Christ – making God’s presence known in every person, community, and throughout the world.  As we have begun to live into this vision, God has placed some amazing people here at COS and is bringing more to our church family every week to become part of what God is doing here.  To help lead and support this vision, God is also helping us to assemble an amazing staff team.  This week, I am excited to share with you a new staff member and some staff shifts that will help us to fulfill God’s call on us as a church.

I want to introduce Linda Bushman.  Linda is joining our office staff as an Administrative Assistant.  You will hear her voice on the phone and find her supporting our other staff, serving as our membership and database support, and print coordinator.  We are glad to have Linda as a new member of the team.

Although not new to our staff, Pastor Adam Lauman has begun his new role as a Congregational Excellence Fellow in the Missouri Conference.  He is not leaving us.  In this special role, Adam will be helping us to launch a new worship community by Easter of 2020.  This is part of our plan to reach unchurched and de-churched people who need to hear God’s love and grace in their life once more.  As this becomes his primary focus, he will be stepping out of his role as Student Ministry Director.

We are blessed to have Chris Chappell as part of our Student Ministry Team, and he will be stepping into the role of Student Ministry Director.  Chris has already formed great relationships with our students, and we are excited about what is yet to come.

Please welcome and pray for all our COS staff as we live into God’s call for COS.


This Weekend in Worship

Is God really with me?  It’s a question that comes to all of us at one time or another.  Sometimes we experience it in the moment of tragedy, or a dark night of the soul.  This weekend in worship, we will explore the myths and the truths surrounding God’s presence.  I’ll see you then.

Pastor Jon