We all have routines and little rituals we do that form us in profound ways – like making the bed each morning. What would it look like if we spent a little time being intentional in those routines? Jack, a member of Church of the Shepherd, shares how he intentionally seeks God in the everyday.

“These are things that happen in the morning – I say to Jesus, ‘Thank you for today. These are my plans. What do you think?’ I don’t pray for things. But I do pray for good health, safety, and an all-around good day. If there are specifics, we talk about those, too.

And then through the day, if things come up, we talk about those things. We used to call that ‘shooting an arrow.’ You’d be surprised how many of those prayers are answered.

My wife and I prayed together for years. I miss her a lot. The biggest thing that I miss is our praying together. She would pray for certain segments of life, and I would pray for certain segments of life. We would sit and hold hands and pray aloud. The last thing that I said to my wife is I love you. To this day when I go to bed, I still say that I love her. She is with me, as is Jesus. He is with me. He has held my hand. He has held my hand through events. He has carried me. He has done things for me that I don’t even know about. To prepare for the day, you’ve gotta say thanks, but you’ve gotta say thanks for the day at night, too. And through the night, I talk to God. I thank Him for the good rest. I thank him for different things then. Just be grateful.

Each week, I come to church early. I want that time to be with God and Jesus. Jesus is my Lord, my Saviour, and my redeemer. But you know what, he’s my friend, too. And I use this time to talk to him.

When I take communion, I thank him for taking my place on the cross, suffering, and dying for my sins. But you know what, when I finish with that, I say, ‘Jesus please hug my Linda, tell her I love her and tell her I miss her.’

Do I have rituals? Maybe. But I know that I believe in Jesus, in God the father, and the Holy Spirit. And I know that I can talk to Jesus and say, ‘What do you think about this?’ And he answers.”

– Jack Pehr

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