Imagine the lives that will be impacted by God’s love in the next nine years.   Imagine what our community could look like as COS engages in bringing the presence of Christ into the lives of the people who live here.  Imagine what worship will look like, what outreach ministries will be happening, what groups will be formed, what children and student ministry will look like, and more.  This is the journey that God is placing before us, and as pastors and leaders we want to share what we believe is truly God’s heart for Saint Charles County and our role as we create new places for new people.

Join us for a light meal and conversation on one of the dates listed below to hear what God is doing, where God is leading us, and how you can be a part of it all.  You can register for the evening you plan to attend by texting “Imagine” to (636) 255-8468 and completing the registration form.  Or you can sign up after worship in the lobby or by calling the church office (636-441-2434).  Child care is available all three evenings for children 3 years old and under.

September 14th @ 6:30 pm

September 15th @ 5:00 pm

September 16th at 6:00 pm

Sign Up for Imagining 2028