Talking about our faith can be intimidating. But people want to hear how Jesus has been working in your life so they can relate to your story. Here are some simple steps to help you be prepared to share what Jesus has done in your life with others:

  1. Briefly tell what your life was like before you actively followed Jesus. Did you feel like something was missing? Were you trying to find meaning in your life? If your story involves hard times, include them. Be real.
  2. Describe how you began your faith journey. What things have helped you grow closer to Jesus? Be encouraging, and remember that this is a lifelong process! We never stop learning and growing.
  3. Talk about the difference you have seen in your life since you formed a relationship with Jesus. Give examples that people can relate to. Has your family life improved? Do you treat others differently?
  4. Pray for an opportunity to share your faith story with someone. Think of someone you know who might not know Jesus or might not be following Him actively. Ask God to be at work in their hearts, and pray for the confidence to show them how He has been at work in your life.
  5. After you share your faith story with someone, invite them to take one of the next steps with you. Invite them to talk more over coffee or attend a fun event at church with you.

Ready to give it a try? Use these tips to start forming your faith story today. For more help, contact our Connections Director, Robin.