We all have fears, and facing them takes practice. Here are six steps to help you learn to be fearless.

Name your fear.

It all begins with giving a name to your fear. Owning your fear is the first step to getting past it. It won’t be easy, but addressing your fear out in the open removes its power.

Get wordless.

Allow yourself space to feel your fears. After you sit with the emotions it brings, find a creative outlet to express them. Do you like to draw? Draw out your fear on paper. Do you like music? Have a jam session and fully express your thoughts.

Visualize handing over your fear.

Write it on a piece of paper and then tear it up. Write it on a rock and throw it in the river. Make an intentional act to hand your fear over to God.

Tap into community.

Fears cannot survive once they’re out in the light and you have the support of a community to surround you with love and grace. Find a friend that you can trust to honor your fears and provide space to express them.

Take inspired action.

Do something inspired by your fear.

Practice gratitude.

It’s all about small steps. Always celebrate the steps you take by offering gratitude.

Give it a try this week, and see how facing your fears can transform your life.