How is your soul?

How do you answer that question? How do you want to answer?

The answers to these questions are connected to your everyday living, a huge part of your life which often goes unnoticed. Things like the lunch we eat every day or the amount of water we drink usually go unnoticed because they are ordinary. There’s nothing special about a glass of water – yet we need it to survive.

There are many other ordinary things we need to be whole, happy people. But many of us don’t take the time to stop and think about these things and lift them up with joyful gratitude.

Some simple things that make us whole and happy include:

  • a friendly smile
  • learning something new
  • a simple prayer
  • a quick walk
  • biting into a juicy fruit
  • sharing a fear or joy with someone

These all are building blocks for us, for our health, and even our happiness. These are also all things that we are called to share with others – to share with abundance. Take a step back this week and cherish some ordinary things that make you happy.

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