Cardinal Nation went Blue this week and most of us learned a whole new meaning of the word “Gloria” as the St. Louis Blues brought home the Stanley Cup. People who had never watched a hockey game were cheering as we watched the last place Blues become first place champions that electrified crowds and drew people from all walks of life together. What can the church learn from the race for the cup? Four things come to mind.

  1. It takes a team. No one player can win a game. No one player can score a goal. Everyone has a role to play and until the team works together, nothing great happens. The team wins together or no one wins. In the church, we all have gifts. No gift is greater than any other. Until all the gifts work together, nothing great happens. We all work together as the body of Christ.
  2. They encouraged each other. As you listened to pre-game and post-game interviews, all the players lifted each other up. They praised each other. They believed in each other. In the new testament church, the church went through ups and downs in their beginnings. They experienced schisms and false teachings. They experienced growth and the presence of the Holy Spirit when they were building one another up and working together. I believe the same is true for the church today. Our witness of God’s power and presence is made real when we are encouraging and building one another up. When we are divided and tearing one another down, the power of darkness wins.
  3. People are looking for something to believe in beyond themselves. If only for a season or a moment, the Blues drew people together from all walks of life. They were unified behind a common hope and theme. They moved past their hurts and pains. One might even say they believed something greater was possible.
  4. We, our world, need hope. We need not just something to believe in, but someone who believes in us. We need not a temporary hope, but a Savior who can transform our lives. Imagine what our world would look like, could be like, if people knew the hope they could find in Jesus. Imagine if thousands of people in St. Louis experienced the presence of Christ the same way they experienced the Blues. Imagine what could happen in our world if the message of life in Him gripped our lives. Imagine if instead of watch parties for playoff games, we held watch parties as we told the stories of Christ’s activities in our lives.

It’s not a bad picture is it? As we continue to celebrate the Blues’ well-deserved victory, maybe we could begin a different chant – Let’s Go Church!