This weekend, Pastor Danny shared with us how the book of Ephesians describes a Christ-centered community as one that lives together in perfect unity. Here are three ways that we can begin to embrace a community like this:

1. Worship Together

A united community worships together. We can’t make up the body of Christ on our own! In what ways can you worship more fully this week? Maybe it’s attending church for the first time, or the first time in a while. Maybe we can commit to attending more regularly. Or maybe we can take the next step and join or lead a serving team.

2. Intentionally Give Thanks

A united community gives thanks in all things. For the good, the bad, and everything in between. How can we intentionally give thanks this week? Begin by reflecting in daily prayer. Pastor Danny offered two questions you can use to help you get started: Where did you see God today? What took your eyes off of Him today?

3. Elevate Others

A united community seeks to elevate others. We are called to seek progress in our own lives but also develop and pour into the lives of those around us. This week, ask God to reveal to you someone in your life that you might be able to elevate to a place they can’t achieve alone.

Want to hear more about what a Christ-centered community looks like? Listen to Pastor Danny’s message from the weekend here.