Discover Courses are a great next step we can take to build a strong faith foundation for our lives. They help us discover what Church of the Shepherd is all about by exploring our mission, vision, and values. Together, we’ll develop the spiritual practices that help us begin and continue a relationship with Jesus along the relational discipleship pathway.

These classes are open to anyone who is interested but are especially helpful for those who are new to Church of the Shepherd. They do not have to be taken in order and are offered multiple times throughout the year. Our current classes are being offered on Sunday mornings at 10:45 am, January 27 – March 3. Once you have completed each class, you will have the option of becoming a member at Church of the Shepherd during worship at a later date.

Discover Our Practices Part 2: Worship and Prayer (February 17 @ 10:45 am)
This Discover Course will help us understand why we worship God in community with others, and also how we can worship God personally through the practice of prayer. Learn about what prayer is and the different ways we can use it to deepen our personal relationship with God. To RSVP, contact Janet Moran (

Discover Our Truth (February 24 @ 10:45 am)
We were created to be in relationship with God. When we accept his offer of love, we can have a growing relationship with Jesus. This Discover Course will teach us the basics of the Christian faith and help us discover our identity in Jesus. We’ll learn about God’s grace and why it makes a difference to us as United Methodists. To RSVP, contact our Director of Connections, Robin Long (

Discover Group Life (March 3 @ 10:45 am)
Discover what group life looks like at Church of the Shepherd! Community groups take a large church congregation and make it small and real by helping us build lasting relationships with others. Get a taste of what a short term group experience can be like! To RSVP, contact our Director of Spiritual Formation, Ben McWhorter-Rush (

Discover United Methodism with Pastor’s Lunch (March 10 @ 12 pm)
We want to get to know you! Join us for a special lunch in the cafe with our pastors. Following lunch, Pastor Jon will lead a Discover Course that will help you learn what makes United Methodists unique. We’ll talk about baptism, communion, our history, and more. To RSVP, contact Robin Long (

Questions? Contact our Director of Connections, Robin Long (