When did life get so busy? Between work, school, and family obligations, it’s no wonder we’ve become too distracted to spend a minute with God. But it’s those quiet moments with Him that can help us ease our pain, anxiety, and stress and actually make us more productive and focused. Centering prayer is a type of silent prayer that is similar to the practices of meditation and mindfulness that helps us move beyond a conversation with God to a communion with God.

If you are looking for a deeper connection with God, and a greater ability to stay centered in the Holy Spirit, please join us at the church on Tuesday mornings at 10 am or Sunday evenings (beginning April 28) at 6:30 pm. These groups are ongoing, so you can join in at anytime and do not need to be present each week. To learn more about this prayer opportunity, contact Cheryl Leas (greglleas@gmail.com).