Spiritual companions are friends who listen, accept, and walk alongside each other as they share their faith. But what makes a great spiritual companion? Here are 10 tips to help you develop a healthy and encouraging spiritual relationship with a friend:

  1. Tend to your own spiritual journey. You are still on a spiritual journey of your own, too. It’s important that you keep tending to your personal faith as well. Encourage your companion to do the same.
  2. Stay connected to scripture. Find your balance between studying the scripture and meditating on its words. Find ways to discuss it and incorporate it into your prayer life.
  3. Establish healthy goals. It’s hard to help someone understand where God might be calling them if you are directionless yourself. Spend time in discernment in your own life and establish healthy goals. Then help your friend with that habit.
  4. Listen deeply to God and your friend. You can’t, and shouldn’t, fix anything. Just listen and be present.
  5. Prioritize the things that matter. Don’t forget why you have a spiritual companion to begin with!
  6. Support your friend’s spirituality. Honor where your friend is in their faith journey. If they believe in something completely different, don’t judge or try to correct them.
  7. Protect confidentiality. Always discuss what confidentiality means. When in doubt, ask yourself, “Will this cause harm?” A central value of this kind of relationship is trust.
  8. Make time for rest. Take time to rest so you can be fully invested in your relationship in healthy ways. Just relax with your friend from time to time. You don’t always have to have deep conversations.
  9. Pray often. Pray for your own life, your friend’s life, your church, and for those who are on this journey with you.
  10. Establish healthy margins. Always protect each other’s boundaries. There will still be areas of your life that you want to keep private. Respect those areas within your own life, as well as those of your friend.

You can put these 10 tips into action with a good friend or someone you are walking alongside as a spiritual companion. As you do, watch your relationship with God and each other grow.