Many of us want to have or sustain a passionate faith life. We are all called to grow in our relationship with God. With all the options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and fall into checklist kind of faith. However, at the root of our actions, we must desire to pray, to meet God, and to uncover the beauty and power of vulnerability and the ordinary. We need to allow grace to fully uncover all that we are and all that we do.

This might seem like a lofty task, but that’s the power of the ordinary. God is already present in our lives. God is already reaching out. He’s present wherever we go in whatever we do. All we need is to take the time and energy to seek to experience Him in those moments.

This begins from the moment we wake up. We all have routines and little rituals we do that form us in profound ways. What would it look like if we spent a little time being intentional with our routines?

For example, when we wake up in the morning for our first cup of coffee, we might be tempted to jump right on our phones and begin checking emails. What if, however, we spent that time in morning prayer and reflection? What if we invite God into the day first before immediately inviting our work or school obligations? This simple shift will have a profound effect on the rest of the day. It’s a shift that will begin to cultivate the practice of recognizing God’s presence in our ordinary days.

What are some ways we can put this into practice in our daily lives?

  • When we check our email, pray for those we are communicating with.
  • When we jump in the shower, spend time just being silent and still.
  • When we’re driving to work or riding the bus to school, reflect on the ways we can share God’s love with others during our day.
  • When we’re walking the dog or playing at the park, take time to notice the beauty of God’s creation around us.

Try it for yourself! Click here to download our Awakening to the Presence of God worksheet. You’ll work through key details in your life necessary to invite God into your everyday moments.