It has been over a year since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico.  Full recovery and a resemblance of lives feeling some level of normalcy is still a long way off.  The Missouri Conference has partnered with the Methodist Church in Puerto Rico to reopen the United Methodist Medical clinic on the island of Vieques, one of the islands just off of the mainland of Puerto Rico which took a direct hit from Maria.   This partnership will also restore the UMC located there which is serving as the hub for the restoration efforts.  Both of these tasks have been completed and teams are continuing to go to the island to rebuild homes and bring hope to those living on the island which is still without electrical power.  A 10 person team from COS will be part of this effort (Nov. 3-10).  To support both our team and other teams traveling from Missouri with tools and supplies, we will be taking a special offering on October 20th-21st and 27th-28th.  We have already sent drills, saws, and other equipment but more is needed.  If you would like to help in this outreach project you can give online now or in worship.  Please be praying for the people of Vieques who continue to recover and rebuild their lives and for our COS team that God will guide and protect them as they serve. Our team includes:

Cheryl Baalmann
Brian Bequette
Matt Borgmeyer
Mike Cooper
Kerry Hammann
Mary Hammann
Matt Long
Rich Moran
Kevin Sheperd
Denise Spalding