Sometimes we say things, but they are just words. Things like, “Merry Christmas,” or, “God bless you,” or even, “I’m praying for you.” But what if we moved beyond just words and discovered their meaning? What if we discovered our meaning? Join us in worship on November 18 & 19 as we kickoff another season of doing Christmas differently. During this 100% weekend, we hope that everyone who calls Church of the Shepherd home will join us to discover how we can have a spiritual encounter with God this Christmas and begin unpacking the meaning and depth of the words we say to each other. Unexpected Christmas: Beyond Words will help us take a next step to experience real worship, real joy, real presence, and real hope during the holidays. This will also be the weekend that we’ll have the chance to choose a gift tag off the Christmas tree to give the gift of love to someone in our community. Bring a friend to experience this very special season with you!